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Helvetas Ethiopia 2017 Rohr M4B9216

I accompanied Yezina and Keralem in Bahir Dar, an Ethiopian city with around 350,000 people. The two young women were doing a three-month professional skills training course. After this training, Yezina started her own business as a tailor. Keralem became a furniture maker and dreams of "being the first female furniture shop holder" in Bahir Dar. Read more in this multimedia report.

Helvetas Ethiopia 2017 Rohr M4B0509
Partnerschaft (CH), May 2017


Helvetas Daulima Titel

One year after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, I visited the little village of Marbu at the foot of the Himalaya. The two earthquakes in 2015 destroyed Marbu completely. Helvetas supported the villagers with building new and earthquake resilient houses.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières MSF.

Rohingya C Patrick Rohr May 2018 59

For Doctors without Borders I visited the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh, the world's largest refugee camp.



In the northernmost part of Laos, next to the border with China, tea grows on centuries old trees and not, as is usal, on bushes. I visited the tea farmers in Phongsaly for Helvetas.



People with HIV and Aids in Zimbabwe can get free treatment at the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation's Newlands Clinic in Harare. During several stays in Zimbabwe, I visited many patients of the clinic.

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