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Helvetas is the largest Swiss development organization. I regularly visit their projects around the world for photos, reports and fundraising material. Here you find all the stories that I've photographed and written for the organisation's magazine Partnerschaft and other publications so far.

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Ruedi Lüthy Foundation.


In 2003, the renowned Swiss AIDS specialist Ruedi Lüthy founded the Newlands Clinic for people living with AIDS and HIV in Harare, Zimbabwe. I regularly visit the clinic and its patients to collect fundraising material and general pictures and videos.

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City of Kloten.

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The city of Kloten, where the biggest Swiss airport is located, invited me to portrait a series of people who are connected to the airport - for the exhibition Flughafenstadtmenschen.



The aim of the Biovision Foundation is to improve the lives of people in Africa in a sustainable way and at the same time to protect the environment as the basis of all life. For its 20th anniversary, Biovision commissioned me to produce a calendar with photos and reports.


Care Link JB

The Swiss foundation Carelink commissioned me to photograph the key visuals for its new corporate identity. Carelink supports companies and further institutions in the wake of extraordinary events, and provides emergency psychosocial care.

Rainbow Support Network.


The foundation Rainbow Support Network supports queer people in countries where their life is not safe. On behalf of Rainbow Support Network, I photographed people who are fighting for their lives and for their dignity in their home country.

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