This is the story of two young beneficiaries of the Helvetas SKY project in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. I contributed the pictures and videos to this multimedia story.

In Phongsaly in very North of Laos, tea farmers grow green tea on very old trees. The Swiss organization Helvetas supports them. I contributed the pictures to this multimedia story.

Every year, about half a million young people leave Nepal on the search for a better life. Helvetas helps them to prepare and informs them about the risks and dangers. I contributed the pictures to this digital story.

After the big earthquakes in Nepal in 2015, Helvetas trained the people in the earthquake affected areas in building quake-proof houses. I visited the Dolakha area and produced this multimedia story (pictures, text and videos) for Helvetas.

Another multimedia story about the reconstruction work in Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes. I contributed the pictures and the videos to this Helvetas multimedia story from Sindhupalchok.

A multimedia story about the war in Ukraine for TagesAnzeiger: Die Ruhe vor dem nächsten Sturm - Multimedia Production for Tages-Anzeiger

A multimedia project with my pictures, videos and text about the bloody search for a Ukrainian identity.

A multimedia story with my pictures and a video of 15 minutes. It's about the Helvetas and Geberit job exchange project "Perspektivenwechsel".