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In episode 1, I take you to Tokyo and the Northern parts of the country: Fokus Japan, episode 1

Episode two brings you to Kyoto and surroundings: Fokus Japan, episode 2

In episode three, I'm going to Osaka and Okinawa: Fokus Japan, episode 3

Book Japan.


In my book Japan - Abseits von Kirschblüten und Kimono (Japan - Beyond Cherry Blossoms and Kimono) I show Japan in a way that is different from the way a tourist might explore the country. It is a very personal Japan with many intimate images and stories.

Book New Silk Road.

Buch Seidenstrasse 3 D transparent

For my latest photojournalistic book Die neue Seidenstrasse - Chinas Weg zur Weltmacht, I travelled along the New Silk Road from Shanghai in China to Western Europe. With more than 250 photos and many in-depth stories about the different countries I visited, the book gives a deep insight into the gigantic Chinese infrastructure project, officially called The Belt and Road Initiative.

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