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Japan - Abseits von Kirschblüten und Kimono (“Japan: beyond cherry blossom and kimonos”; 1st edition, 2017; TELE/Beobachter Edition)

The publisher writes: "Japan, the country of smiles, politeness and minimalist aesthetics, is trendy. It radiates a fascination with secrets and the unfathomable, which cannot be captured on a short holiday".


"Patrick Rohr immerses himself in this foreign culture. His tool is his camera, his motivation is curiosity. Patrick Rohr travelled to Japan for this personal report and photo book, to take his camera behind the scenes in this fascinating country of extreme contradictions".


"He managed to gain an insight into the private world of Japanese men and women, showing their life in a field of tension between tradition and modernity".

"As well as portraits, the book contains reports, drawing on background knowledge of the social challenges facing contemporary Japan. Patrick Rohr left Tokyo by the Shinkansen high-speed bullet train. His journey took him across stunning natural environments and intriguing landscapes and he immersed himself in world of personal and professional people." You can order the book here.




Japan is a country of real contradictions – which are increasingly leading to impossible tension. The struggle between tradition and modernity, eastern and western living, protecting and opening up the country poses great challenges. The economy is crashing, the population dying off. A photo-essayistic approach to an elusive country.

Book New Silk Road.

Buch Seidenstrasse 3 D transparent

For my latest photojournalistic book Die neue Seidenstrasse - Chinas Weg zur Weltmacht, I travelled along the New Silk Road from Shanghai in China to Western Europe. With more than 250 photos and many in-depth stories about the different countries I visited, the book gives a deep insight into the gigantic Chinese infrastructure project, officially called The Belt and Road Initiative.

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