Living With HIV


I'm the official photographer of the foundation Swiss Aids Care International which runs an HIV clinic in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. I go there twice up to three times a year to photograph the clinic work and the patients of the clinic which is not always easy because HIV and aids are still a big taboo in Zimbabwe.

That's why I admire farmer Jacob and his stepson Austin, both HIV positive. They, together with Jacob's wife and Austin's mother ..., decided to give HIV and aids a face. "Otherwise things will never change", Jacob told me. I visited them in their little farm house, a so called "Elephant House", outside the city of Harare. I wanted to figure out what the impact of HIV is on one's identity. "If I wouldn't have to slick all these pills every day, there would be almost none", Jacob said. "The most important thing for us is that we can go on living now we are in the program of the clinic. This fact fact makes us forget a bit that we are HIV positive. We actually live quite a normal life."

(pictures on this page (c) Simon Ming)