Human Puppy Rusty


For my longterm project about identity I'm still looking for people who change their identity from time to time (or for always). I met Alex on Facebook. I saw him there with a dog mask. I asked him whether it's only a joke or seriously meant. He answered me that for him it's a serious thing. He would like to live as someone's puppy and is still looking for a good "owner". That's the reason why he changes from man to dog from time to time. Even in public.

A few days after our Facebook chat I met Alex for a photo shoot. If someone thinks that a guy like Alex must be somehow crazy or weird - he's not. Alex is a healthy and happy young man with a very special wish. I spent quite a lot of time with him, observing with the camera how he changed from young guy Alex to pup Rusty. "When you're wearing this mask, Alex", I asked him, "how do you feel at this moment? Like a human being or like a dog?". "Could you please call me Rusty", he answered. And then he snarled.