Being An Individual In A Relationship


What makes a gay man a gay man? That was the question when I started my ongoing project "Ecce homo!" (it's Latin and means originally: "Look, there's a man!"), a project about gay identity. I met Te and Jef, a young couple. They've been together for three years now. I asked them whether I could photograph their daily live to figure out what the impact of a relationship to the individual is. They agreed.

"What makes you guys gay?", I asked them when I arrived at their home. "I don't know", Te, the older one, said. "Maybe that we love each other? That we care for each other?". Then he packed his boyfriend Jef and kissed him. "Would you mind if I would take a picture of the two of you, being that tender to each other?", I asked. They didn't. And they let me photograph their everyday's transformation from two individuals to a couple and back.